Ibrahim Baharvand became the new board member of Sadra’s new city construction company

IBRAHIM BAHARVD was introduced as a new member of the board of directors of the governorate of Fars, the managing director of the new Sadra City Construction Company and the board members of the company. Managing director of Sadra's new city construction company thanked Mr. Rahmani for the work of the board of directors of [...]

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Call for Holding a “Handicraft Festival of Citizens of the New City of Sadra”

Handicrafts and traditional arts are an opportunity to showcase the craftsmanship of people who make up their work more than building. Today, more than ever, we need the artistic creation and expression of the soul in the arts industry. In this context, the holding of exhibitions and festivals not only provides an effective opportunity for [...]

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Visit of the Director General of the Technical Office of the Mother Specialist of Civil Engineering of New Towns from the ongoing projects of the new city of Sadra

According to the Public Relations Department of Sadr City's new construction company, General Manager of the Technical Office of the New Towns and New Township, and the Managing Director of the new Sadra City Construction Company, on Monday morning, visited the access routes of the Badakhshan road and the Dohukh road, as well as the Ramadan [...]

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Benefits of obtaining a document in the housing estate in Sehr new city of Sadra

The board of directors of the Sadr City New Civil Construction Company, in accordance with the law of granting property with special cash discounts (cash and installments), provides property conditions for applicants who are willing to own six documents of the realms of their residential units.

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